Call me babe

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend Call me babe first wellness event. Imagine an evening of yoga, meditation, facials, reiki and good vibes.

Life can get so busy and fast paced; sometimes it feels if we’re not constantly in the hustle and being productive we are being lazy. BUT. Self care and taking time for yourself is equally important. Slowing down, breathing and relaxing is not being lazy; it’s taking care and loving our bodies & minds.

I left the event feeling rejuvenated. My skin has never looked so glowing. The yoga stretched my sore muscles and the guided meditation allowed me to clear my mind.

Check out some images of the Call me babe event. Check out their Instagram to book a facial and to see their upcoming events.


Anahys at the Miami Design District

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to photograph Anahys at the Miami Design District. It was super fun and a pleasure to meet her. This is one of my favorite locations in Miami; if you are a fashion blogger and want to create some amazing content together, reach out to me by clicking here.

Check out some of the images we created with Anahys!


Product Photography for illesteva

These past few months, I’ve been working on product photography for NYC based eyewear brand illesteva.

I don’t normally shoot product so I was excited to try my hand; having strong, clean images for your website and e-commerce translates into sales so it’s crucial to present your product in an eye-catching way.

Daniela for Virgins Saints & Angels

I had the pleasure to work (again!) with Daniela in a campaign for the jewelry brand VSA Virgins Saints & Angels. ( See our work on their Instagram here & here).
Our location was the amazing Italian restaurant Soya e Pomodoro in downtown Miami.

vm (1 of 8).jpg

I played a little bit with the tones and I ended up liking both versions of the edits: one being desaturated and pale; and the other being more warm and vibrant.

I love doing photoshoots for Miami based creators and brands; If you have an idea, we can make it happen! Get in touch with me and let’s do it!

Jenny at the Miami Design District

I had a super fun shoot with Jenny from @agirlandacloset . We chose the Miami Design District as a background to showcase Jenny’s amazing style.

I love working with bloggers and influencers creating eye-catching and fresh content. If you wish to book a shoot, I’m here for you!

Content creation for social media | Made by Mel

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with jewelry brand Made by Mel creating some gorgeous lifestyle photography for their social media.

Our location was Espanola Way, with Nat and Savie, two super cute models. These are some of my favorite images from the shoot!
Creating eye-catching content for your social media is crucial to stand out! I have packages especially tailored for social media. Contact me for rates and availability. 
Also, check out Made by Mel on their IG! Their cute bracelets are a perfect gift for friends this Galentines Day!


Photography by yours truly Monica Aguiñaga for Made by Mel.
My gear: Canon t3i 50mm 1.4 lens Edited in Lightroom with Brickhouse preset (tweaked)
Models: Nat & Savie



Behind the scenes | Fashion editorial for Elegant Magazine

Here are a few fun behind the scenes snapshots from my shoot with Anderson. You can see more images here.
Buy the magazine here.

ao (5 of 6).jpg

Content Creation | OOTD Daniela | Blogger Portraits

I had an amazing time photographing my favorite stylist Daniela for the second time around! Our location was Collins Avenue & 23rd St in Miami Beach, and we did two outfits + accessories details. 

Creating original content for your blog and social media is crucial nowadays to stand out. I love to collaborate with bloggers, stylists and influencers creating custom photography showcasing their style.

Contact me if you want to get your blog and social media to the next level with my photography services. I'd love to create with you!

Daniela2 (17 of 36).jpg

Model: Daniela (
Photographer : Monica Aguinaga (that's me!
Gear: Canon t3i/50mm 1.4 lens
Edited in Lightroom

Content Creation for Bloggers | Daniela

I had a fun photoshoot with Daniela, who is a very talented Italian stylist and personal shopper based in Miami.
Check out her Instagram; she has amazing style!

Photographer: Monica Aguinaga
Model: Daniela Solametide
Location: Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL
Edited in Lightroom.