Anahys at the Miami Design District

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to photograph Anahys at the Miami Design District. It was super fun and a pleasure to meet her. This is one of my favorite locations in Miami; if you are a fashion blogger and want to create some amazing content together, reach out to me by clicking here.

Check out some of the images we created with Anahys!


Daniela for Virgins Saints & Angels

I had the pleasure to work (again!) with Daniela in a campaign for the jewelry brand VSA Virgins Saints & Angels. ( See our work on their Instagram here & here).
Our location was the amazing Italian restaurant Soya e Pomodoro in downtown Miami.

vm (1 of 8).jpg

I played a little bit with the tones and I ended up liking both versions of the edits: one being desaturated and pale; and the other being more warm and vibrant.

I love doing photoshoots for Miami based creators and brands; If you have an idea, we can make it happen! Get in touch with me and let’s do it!

Jenny at the Miami Design District

I had a super fun shoot with Jenny from @agirlandacloset . We chose the Miami Design District as a background to showcase Jenny’s amazing style.

I love working with bloggers and influencers creating eye-catching and fresh content. If you wish to book a shoot, I’m here for you!

Chez at Faena

A while back, I had the pleasure to photograph Chez in the beautiful Faena Hotel in Miami Beach. It was a pretty windy day but it made for some dramatic skirt swirls and romantic hair blowing in the air!


Karol in Calle 8

Karol and I have collaborated multiple times, as you can see. This time, we went to Calle 8, in Miami and had a lot of fun exploring the area. We found this super cute doughnut shop: Velvet Creme! Luckily, they let us had our photoshoot in there!


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Massimo in Buenavista

This was a really fun shoot with my friends Massimo and Ralf, who did the wonderful styling. We walked around Design District and the historic district of Buenavista. We found this amazing car and decided to snap a few pictures here.

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Karol in SOHO

I was recently in NYC for Fashion Week, alongside my dear friend Karol. We shot a lot of content together and these were some of my favorite images running around in SOHO. I love it when the sky is overcast; it makes for the perfect pictures!

nyc (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Male Portrait Session with Massimo

A few weeks ago, there was a crazy STORM here in Miami. Massimo and I headed out to 1111 Lincoln Road for a quick photoshoot before the storm hit the beach. 
We managed to get some cool shots before the rain got out of control and actually started to flood the city! Don't worry, we made it out alive.

Model: Massimo Peiret (STALK HIS IG:
Photographer : Monica Aguinaga (that's me!
Gear: Canon t3i/50mm 1.4 lens
Edited in Lightroom

Content Creation for Bloggers | Daniela

I had a fun photoshoot with Daniela, who is a very talented Italian stylist and personal shopper based in Miami.
Check out her Instagram; she has amazing style!

Photographer: Monica Aguinaga
Model: Daniela Solametide
Location: Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL
Edited in Lightroom.

Changed by purpose: Christine Altidor

Last week, I had an amazing photoshoot with Christine Altidor; she's a coach who helps people find their true passion and purpose in life. She blogs at Changed by Purpose and she also has a Youtube channel where she interviews people who found the courage to follow their heart and chase after their dreams. 
Here are a few images of the photoshoot, I was so lucky to capture Christine's beauty; she radiates strength and confidence!

If you're a blogger/stylist/creative based in Miami and want to create fresh, original content with me, feel free to contact me for rates and availability.

Photography: Monica Aguiñaga
Model: Christine Altidor
Location: Wynwood, Miami, FL.
Gear: Canon t3i 50mm 1.4 lens
Edited in Lightroom.